Our Vision

Our educators are innovators.


Unprecedented in the region, The Arts Academy at Pueblo County High "TAAPCH",  offers the first of its kind career track arts instruction in the performing arts (Dance, Music, Band, Theater Arts and Technical Stagecraft). All disciplines will include college prep and industry training. This arrangement allows the students of The Arts Academy a greater range of high school experiences and elective course choices while maintaining the educational philosophy, rigorous curriculum, and small school field training experience. Housed at Pueblo County High School, courses will be in the newly constructed ‘Arts Corridor’, a bond initiative of 2015, with state-of-the-art facilities. College credit is available for many of the courses and the certificate of completion for higher education and vocational pursuits will be awarded to full Academy students.

All faculty members will be required to have spent significant time in the professional entertainment industry as well as being licensed as a certified teacher in the State of Colorado. This will provide students with a learning opportunity from instructors that can impart the "real world" application of the techniques and studies that they are receiving at the Academy.

The considerably unique addition to the Academy is the inclusion of the "teaching artist and clinicians". Professionals from all disciplines offered at the Academy will be scheduled to teach workshops, on a monthly basis, to enhance the instructions with extraordinary presentations from dance, music, theater, technical theater, digital music, instrumental music and performance presentation. Certain workshops will be open to the public (for a small fee) and filmed for a library of digital instruction.

There are many areas needing funding:

  • Teaching Artist and Conditions
  • New Staging
  • Lighting for Make-up and Dressing Room
  • Instruments
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Training
  • Musical Rights and Productions
  • Travel and Competitions

The TAAPCH Foundation aims to pursue opportunities for students to learn global cultural exchange with students from other countries as they engage in collaboration and cultural competency. The need to teach tolerance and growth will be a focus of the Foundation funding.


Roxy Pignanelli
Administrative Coordinator

Staff members at The Arts Academy (left to right) include Kennedy Pugh, Brook Mead, Roxanne Pignanelli and Joey Andenucio.

Staff members at The Arts Academy (left to right) include Kennedy Pugh, Brook Mead, Roxanne Pignanelli and Joey Andenucio.

The Arts Academy at Pueblo County High is a first for the region. It is an innovation 14 years in the making, an educational institution dedicated solely to all aspects of the performing arts.
— Roxy Pignanelli