Sponsor a Project or Academy Need

You can make a difference in the lives of our youth. Whether your contribution is in the form of a financial donation or volunteering, our needs are critical. We need your support and ask that you consider lending a helping hand today.


There are many areas at The Arts Academy at Pueblo County High that need funding and support. If you are interesting in supporting one of these platforms, donate today!

  • Teaching Artists
  • New Staging
  • Lighting for Make-up and Dressing Rooms
  • Instruments
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Training
  • Musical Rights and Productions
  • Travel and Competitions

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Teen Suicide Prevention Project


The District has sanctioned the presentation of “No One Hears Unless You Scream” to be preformed at all the D70 high schools and possible middle school performances to begin the conversation about suicide prevention and anti-bullying. 

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Magic on the Mesa

MAGIContheMESA_V2 (1).png

In its 10th anniversary year, Magic on the Mesa provides an opportunity for collaboration and creativity for all the District 70 children from the Mesa of Pueblo. Over 70 students, ages 8 to 18, from all the schools on the Mesa, comprise the cast of young artists and technicians in an evening that celebrates the themes of hope, inspiration, love, tolerance and peace. 

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Singer Songwriter Series

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The Arts Academy has brought back so many programs that had fallen by the wayside over the past years; one being of extraordinary value to young musicians and that is guitar and composing classes, now under the direction of Mr. Brook Mead, from the popular band “Martini Shot.”

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