Growing the Arts in pueblo

Magic on the Mesa


In its 10th anniversary year, Magic on the Mesa, is the creation of Roxanne Pignanelli, Director of The Arts Academy, that provides an opportunity for collaboration and creativity for all the District 70 children from the Mesa of Pueblo. Over 70 students, ages 8 to 18, from all the schools in the Mesa, comprise the cast of young artists and technicians in an evening that celebrates the themes of hope, inspiration, love, tolerance and peace.


Always beloved and sold out, this show empowers the gathering of a strong community and develops the skills of young performers as they collaborate, all ages and genders.


Set Production $650

Music Rights $800

Costumes $600

Printing $500

Accompaniment $800

Catering (student food) $750

Total $4,100

MAGIContheMESA_V2 (1).png