growing the arts

Teen Suicide Prevention Project




Starting the conversation about suicide prevention and anti-bullying. 


The Arts Academy is committed to doing theatrical presentations that not only entertain but bring thought provoking issues that can help young audiences deal with topics and pressures that have a limited forum for discussion. The District has sanctioned the presentation of “No One Hears Unless You Scream” to be preformed at all the D70 high schools and possible middle school performances to begin the conversation about suicide prevention and anti-bullying. Sixteen actors and six technicians bring this moving drama to the stage in a 45-minute presentation with a 30-minute post show Q&A opportunity. The District will have all staff psychologists on hand to assist anyone in need of support.

The play is being made available to any and all districts in the state that want to see the play as well as the consideration of a Spanish language presentation.


Set Production $500

Costumes $350

Travel Expenses $2,500

Catering $1,000

Technical Production $1,200

Promotional Materials $450


Total $6,000