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The Arts Academy at Pueblo County High


The Arts Academy @ Pueblo County High 

Announces New Faculty, Courses and Increased Enrollment!

After only two brisk and successful years TAAPCH is entering its third year with the addition of FINE ART and Digital Design courses, a Theatre Manager/Technical Director, addition to the Drama Faculty with Advanced Acting and Technical Theatre courses, Senior Seminar/CAPSTONE and increasing enrollment by over 300% to Academy classes.
“It is imperative that we are offering industry training and college prep for the student of today; they need to know more than subject knowledge to get ahead,” stated Roxanne Pignanelli, Coordinating Director of TAAPCH.  Students are trained by licensed teachers, teaching artists, and professionals providing real world experience to their education.  All departments will engage students in a track to certification for graduation with a CAPSTONE project to coordinate with internship and knowledge of the industry.
TAAPCH offers 5 key disciplines:  THEATRICAL ARTS, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, VOCAL MUSIC, DANCE and FINE ART.  Each of these areas provides courses that cover the scope of the genre with the pathway for graduation certification. 
FINE ART is the newest addition to the Academy.  Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Theatrical Set Design, Printmaking and Digital Design are all course offerings in the Fine Art Department.  Students will work with several teaching artists from Pueblo and around the state to extend their knowledge with opportunities to show work in the community.
TECHNICAL THEATRE is now being managed by the addition of professional theatre educator, technician, and designer, Jack Salesses who comes to TAAPCH from many years in the professional theatre as well as a faculty post at Pikes Peak Community College and Pueblo Community College. Salesses will oversee the day to day operation of the theatre, mentor students in lighting, sound, set design, stage management and set construction.  
Senior Institute, a new addition to the course offerings will provide each graduating Senior in the certification program an opportunity to develop a “CAPSTONE” project that associates them with an industry internship, cross genre studies, production skills, college scholarship and program research as well as leadership in the Academy productions artistic and technical teams.


Magic on the Mesa

An celebration of hope, inspiration, love, tolerance and peace.
— Roxy Pignanelli


In its 10th anniversary year, Magic on the Mesa, is the creation of Roxanne Pignanelli, Director of The Arts Academy, that provides an opportunity for collaboration and creativity for all the District 70 children from the Mesa of Pueblo. Over 70 students, ages 8 to 18, from all the schools in the Mesa, comprise the cast of young artists and technicians in an evening that celebrates the themes of hope, inspiration, love, tolerance and peace.

Always beloved and sold out, this show empowers the gathering of a strong community and develops the skills of young performers as they collaborate, all ages and genders.

Sponsor the 11th Season in 2019!

You can make a difference in the lives of our youth by sponsoring Magic on the Mesa. Consider sponsoring all or part of the 2019 presentation of Magic on the Mesa.


Set Production $650

Music Rights $800

Costumes $600

Printing $500

Accompaniment $800

Catering (student food) $750

Total $4,100