Mr.  Scott Santisteven in Art going over upcoming project.

Mr. Scott Santisteven in Art going over upcoming project.

Dedicated teaching professionals with a proven record of success.


Teaching Professionals

Our instructors offer career track arts instruction in the performing arts disciplines with college prep and industry training. All faculty members are required to have spent significant time in the professional entertainment industry as well as being licensed as a certified teacher in the State of Colorado.



Taylor Gilman
Theatre Arts

Gregory Howell
Consulting Artist

Brook Mead
Vocal Music

Jamie Moon
Fine Arts Artist in Residence

Josh Muller
Instrumental Instructor

Mr. Kennedy Pugh
Teaching Artist

Jack Salessess
Technical Theatre

Scott Santistevan
Fine Arts Instructor

Jill Townsend

Ms. Aubrey Vialpando
Dance Instructor

Ms. Roxy Pignanelli
Director and Speech & Communication Arts



'We liken ourselves to a teaching hospital in that students study the elements of production and artistic presentation in class and then are the actual company in all aspects of a production.'  Ms. Roxy Pignanelli


Ms. Roxy Pignanelli
Administrator (TAAPCH)

Mr. Stoney Musso
Director School of Engineering & BioMedical Science (SEBS)

Mr. Brian Dilka
PCHS Principal


Foundation Board

'Our charge is to assist in the financial support of the work that is being done to bring students closer to the reality of the world of art and entertainment --- a multi-billion dollar industry in this country.' Mr. Timothy O'Shea


Mr. Timothy O'Shea

Ms. Carol Spradley
Vice President

Ms. Lynette Masters

Ms. Jacqueline Cunningham

Mr. Mark Emery

Ms. Therese Simony

Ms. Rosina Sonntag

Mr. Ed Smith
Superintendent Representative D70