Annual Report

The Arts Academy at Pueblo County High (TAAPCH) is scheduled to  publish its annual report later this year which offers a unique perspective on the many accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff. It also highlights the many partners that enable us to provide students with our innovative dual arts and academic curriculum. Health and wellness and college and career supports ensure that our students have tools for success in the professional arts world.

Over 14 years in the making, we have much to celebrate at TAAPCH in its inaugural year. Students are the beneficiaries of new state-of-the-art facilities which build upon the success of Pueblo County High School.

We are proud of the innovation and impact that a TAAPCH education has on a student's sense of self, sense of purpose, and ability to pursue and achieve their personal and professional goals.

For the benefit of our students and our community we look forward to partnering with you in 2018 and beyond. We are better together!